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Excellent quality, affordability, innovation, shelf impact and diversity are some of the crucial aspects that we have in mind when we develop our products. Our complete lines of Baby Diapers, Baby Wipes, Potty Training, Adult Incontinence, Household or Children's Vitamins & Over The Counter Medications are a reflection of the commitment that we have with the consumers. Satisfaction first, that's a guideline by which we conduct the way we do business. We pride ourselves in being a USA baby diaper manufacturer. If you have your own private label, let us help you develop it! We offer our customers full service from the moment they place the order to the point the product is shipped out using the expert services of our logistics department. At Impex, we have you covered!

Impex Private Label Baby Diapers

Private Label

Impex is a full service private label manufacturer of baby diapers; our commitment to quality and our trusted name for over 15 years are a perfect combination. We pride in being a dependable company with high standards in the baby diaper and adult incontinence industry. Our manufacturing process is operated under Standard Operating Procedures and cGMP’s, which means that our product is high quality and reliable. We can help you export baby diapers with the assistance of our logistics department.


No wets Baby Diapers

 Baby Diapers, Training Pants and Laundry Detergent

No-wet’s® baby diapers are available in categories Supreme, Premium and Value, fulfilling every market’s need.  Our baby diapers compete head to head with national brands. Contact us for exclusive distribution on wholesale of baby diapers.

No-wet's® training pants can be worn and removed like underwear and have an "easy tear" side seam for fast removal.

No-wet's® laundry detergent, freshness and cleanliness in one!


Sea Dreams Baby Diapers and Wipes

Baby Diapers and Wipes

Charming sea creatures, attractive packaging and high quality standards make Sea Dreams® a Top competitor among other baby diaper brands. We offer competitive pricing for wholesale of baby diapers since we are baby diaper manufacturers.

Our Sea Dreams® baby wipes are made in the United States with a hypoallergenic, alcohol free  and soothing Aloe Vera formula, gentle on every baby's skin.


Tiny Jeans Baby Diapers and Wipes

Baby DiapersWipes and Taining Pants

Tiny Jeans®, our exclusive line of value baby diapers offers distributors the ability to compete in markets where price is the primary factor. Contact us for wholesale on baby diapers.

The denim look is in! Tiny Jeans® baby wipes, a great compliment to the Tiny Jeans® baby diapers line, are premium baby wipes manufactured with top quality materials. With an  Aloe Vera, hypoallergenic and alcohol free formula and made in the United States these wipes are a great addition to increase your margins and better yet, your customers will love them too!


Mini Stars Baby Diapers and Wipes

Baby Diapers and Wipes

A star is shining! Mini Stars® is a value segment diaper that shines above the rest. Manufactured in United States with excellent quality materials and state of the art equipment, this diaper exceeds the qualities of other value diapers in the market. Our wholesale of baby diapers department is ready to serve you, contact us today. If you need help to export our baby diapers, our logistics department is ready to assist you.

Red, White and Blue stars decorate the attractive packaging for Mini Stars® value baby wipes. These baby wipes made of spunlace and infused with Aloe Vera are gentle and soft to the baby's skin, making them stand out among other value baby wipes.



Wet's Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

Wet’s® premium baby wipes are made of soft textured spunlace material and Aloe Vera to gently clean baby’s soft skin.  Wet’s® baby wipes are manufactured in the United States using a hypoallergenic and alcohol free formula that will not irritate baby’s skin.


Prospero Adult Incontinence

Adult Incontinence

Comfort, assurance, and confidence are all significant product attributes of the Prospero® Adult Incontinence line, a trusted name for over a decade. OurAdult BriefsProtective UnderwearAdult Washcloths and Underpads are of high performance and offer excellent value for the price.



Vitamins & OTC

Children's Vitamin CDietary Supplement and Cold & Flu Medication

Children love to play and have fun and being healthy is very important to insure that they can enjoy themselves. With this in mind, we have added a line of children's over the counter vitamins and medication. Ranging from Vitamin C, to Cold & Flu medication, to Dietary Supplement, we have a product for everyone.


Impex Logistics

Impex Logistics Services

Our logistics specialists have over 25 years of freight forwarding experience. Impex can manage your cargo, both domestically and internationally - before, during and after your shipment.