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No wets Baby Diapers

Baby Disposable Diapers


No Wet's diapers are super absorbent and have a perfect fit providing freshness and comfort, allowing babies to keep dry and protected for much longer.

Complement the care of your baby with wet wipes Wet's.


Sea Dreams Baby Diapers and Wipes


Sea Dreams diapers - a charming sea creature designs provides the best comfort and care for your baby, allowing more protection and dryness as they are super absorbent. Its anatomical shape provides a perfect fit preventing discomfort and chafing with the baby's skin.


mini stars logo



Diapers Mini Stars are the best option to save and keep your baby happy. Made with high quality materials, these diapers offer more protection and maintain the baby’s skin dry.

Its anatomical shape provides the best comfort and perfect fit.







Wet wipes's, Premium quality, are made of a soft texture material called "spunlace" and Aloe Vera to gently clean the skin. Wet Wipes's are manufactured using a hypoallergenic and alcohol free formula that will not irritate the skin. Its mild aroma leaves a fresh scent on baby's skin.








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Adult Incontinence


Comfort, safety, and reliability are significant product attributes of the Prospero adult incontinence line, a trusted name for over a decade. Our adult diapers, protective underware are of high performance and are an excellent alternative for our customers and consumers.


Prospero disposable adult briefs are made with the best materials, feature tailored fit, a targeted core for containment and a soft and comfortable outer cover. The Prospero diapers provide security and offer consumers what they expect, great performance at a great price.  






Prospero protective underwear provides the dryness and independence that your lifestyle demands and for all your needs, there is a Prospero product. Comfort, safety and reliability are all benefits offered by our incontinence products. The Prospero protective underwear have a natural curvature that tailor fits the body. Benefits such as an elastic and breathable waist, containment and anti-runoff protection ensure a comfortable fit for consumers.